Start young, Stay young

Hello, I have all male children and they all loved to make things. They had a toy box in the house, if they were outside they had the whole world to make use of. Trees to climb, Creek to wade or get wet in., Barn to jump in the hay. They learn from all things […]

Hello I am the Father

Hello, I am the father of 4 fast growing boys.   We did not have  Lego toys when I was growing up.  They didn’t show up  in the Sears or Wards catalog, so they did not exist.  When I started a family was when I came home from the  Navy in 1957 and  we had hand […]

Review Kid Educational toys

I am James Tefft, and I  would like to talk about Lego toys.  They did not have Legos when I was a child, or they would have been in the Sears Roebuck or Wards catalog. We lived in a rural farm area with a 1 room school house 3 miles from our farm. it was […]

First Post

This Is my first post and we are going to talk about Kids Education.  Not everyone can make an educational toy first time.  Some people cant learn any other way,   I have found that Lego toys has devised some very interesting toys for children to make that teaches them many things.  Tolerance, craftsmanship, co-operation and […]